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March 31, 2024

Get To Know Jesus

7 Times Jesus Changed Everything | Bible Overview

What if someone tried to sum you up by one thing you said, or did; tried to define you by one moment. Knowing my luck it would those first 3 or 4 minutes before I get my coffee. Or those terrible, dark days when you forget your lunch at home, and when you finally arrive at home starving —having not eaten a crumb all day, practically at death’s doorstep— and you open the refrigerator and find some week-old lettuce, and a stick of butter; and that’s the moment someone decides they know who you are. We do this to Jesus all the time. The other day I was engaging with someone who said our church was wrong, because Jesus is love and I didn’t sound very loving. It was a difficult conversation; her mind was made up. But, the truth is He is complex. God is love, but love is not God. God is love and holiness and justice and truth, and even more at the same time. So if we take one thing - especially something we merely heard that he said, or we saw on CNN once- and we define Jesus by it, we risk missing the best friend we could have ever have. So, this Resurrection Sunday I’d like to walk you through Jesus’ whole life; past, present, and future, and do it all in 22 minutes, to help us get the big picture of who Jesus is. So put your seatbelt on, let’s open our Bibles.


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