Why All the Symbols and Mystery?

May 18, 2022 | Josh Akin

"Locusts streaked across the blood red sky with crimson hair and teeth of a lion."

Why does the Bible, and Revelation especially, use such fantastic and dark imagery?

What good could comes from descriptions that seem designed to cause difficulty?

Our study today will help you understand that sometimes the best descriptions use imagery, even if you don't perfectly understand the image.

Watch the Premiere of our Bible study "Why Does God Use Mystery & Symbols" from Revelation 9 & 10 We go live at 7 pm, May 18th.

Conversation Guide

Revelation 9 and 10

Read Revelation 9:6-10. If this is a description of a physical weapon, vehicle, or soldier, what do you think it might look like physically to our eyes?

Find an object around your house invented in the last 20 years. Have fun describing its appearance and function using only common objects or animals found around the world 2000 years ago. (Email or video me your answers, I'd love to see them!