Our Understanding on Giving

Jesus commanded that every person ought to "Give to Caesar what is Caesar and give to God what is God's."  Therefore it is every believer's privilege to give generously and joyfully of what we have to the Body of Christ.  When Christians obey Christ's command of generosity towards His church it enables the church to operate in the fullness of God's plan for His church.  Your giving is what God uses to maintain our safe, gospel-centered ministries that reach people of all walks of life.  

GraceBuilt is 100% funded by You

GraceBuilt has no denominational support, no sending church, and no anonymous donors from outside the church.  We are 100% funded by the generosity of local believers.  The finances necessary to provide for our ministers, and the purchase, and improvements of our facility is 100% given by believers like you.

Financial Transparency

Our books are open to our donors.  The confidence of all of our financial partners is essential.   To learn about our Board of Directors, our annual budget, financial accountability measures, or income/expense statements feel free to contact the church office

GraceBuilt Church is a Virginia Non-Profit Corporation EIN: 20-3778752

Give By Mail

Checks may be mailed to our mailing address: 2639 W. Main Street Waynesboro VA 22980

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