Where Is God When 19 Children Die?

June 1, 2022 | Josh Akin

When our eyes have no more tears, many of us step back and wonder...

Where is God when 19 children die at school?

How does God let an 18 year old grow so sick in his mind?

How do we answer those who doubt God's goodness on days when evil wins?

Revelation 14 teaches that we learn a new song, from life's hardest day. That in the world's darkest night, faith and boldness shine even brighter.

Study Revelation 14 with us this week, and answer these questions with a loved one. Your thoughtful heart-searching may bring comfort and strength to someone you love.

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Conversation Guide

Read Revelation 7:1-4, and 14:1-5

Revelation 7 shows us 144,000 people protected in the 7 year Great Tribulation, and then in Revelation 14:1-5 John, the author of Revelation sees them in Jerusalem with Jesus at His second coming. These Jews come to faith in Christ during these 7 terrible years, and boldly share the good news of Jesus.

Each of these believers will be new in the faith and will have never been discipled by a mature believer, yet they become great evangelists. How is that possible? What does that teach us about what actually makes a contagious faith?

When you read of what these Tribulation Saints go through; persecution, world-wide cataclysm, loneliness, and more, what do you think will be the hardest to endure?

How could they learn a song, that no one else could learn?

Discuss a trial you endured that gave you a perspective-- that made you more you.