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How To Keep Problems In Perspective

April 13, 2019 | Josh Akin

I was just told this morning that chocolate is officially bad for me.  It involved something about South America, regular gasoline, not unleaded, and supposed “traces of lead” in the chocolate.  I responded by picking up some extra chocolate bunnies. 

Do we not have enough problems!?    

Think about Washington D.C., and the mess that politics always will be.  Think about our health.  Every day someone gives us something new to worry about.  Think about the brokenness of families today!  We have made a mess of love and our hearts, minds, and anxieties bear the scars.

I might not know you personally, but I do know—

Your problems, as real and as terrifying as they are, all have the same solution:  Perspective.

From the greatest problem we face even down to my chocolate bunnies,  every problem was done away with when Jesus rolled them away Easter morning and walked out of the grave.  

That is why Jesus says, in John 16, “In this world you will have trouble and suffering, but take courage, I have overcome the world”

When Jesus defeated death, He defeated every problem you could ever face.

So every Easter we get the chance to get right perspective on every problem.  Take courage, that is to say, take His hand.  Worship Him when His children gather.  Serve His People.  Share the good news of Jesus with all who will listen. 

Take His hand…

And by the power of a relationship with Jesus, He’ll show you He has rolled away and done away with the problems you are facing.  That’s the perspective you need: He Himself has won the victory.