How To Find God's Open Door

April 20, 2022 | Josh Akin

Have you made Christianity a spectator sport?

When we read Revelation we sometimes want to just sit back and watch the show. But we must fight this tendency, because in Revelation 3 Jesus wants His church to know there are open doors He created for them to walk through BEFORE He returns!

So today we need to ask ourselves, What are the open doors God has created for us?

In our video study from Revelation 3, we discover some questions that help us identify God’s open door. Questions like:

Where is your strength small?

Where are you limited and challenged?

Where is the opposition?

Where do you feel inadequate?

In fact, I read an article of some American Christians who traveled to help Ukrainians. Read the article here. Think of their limitations:

Could they go to Ukraine? No. But they could go to Poland.

Do they speak the language? No. But some Ukrainians speak English.

Do they have boundless resources? No! But they have a little.

Are there people in opposition? Yes! U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar.

Was there any way they could know for sure the door was open to them, but by walking through it? No, but when they did walk through the door, God received all the glory.

Again, read the article, and look for the open doors that might be in your life right where you live.

Conversation Guide

Read Revelation 3:7-13

In Jesus' letter to the church of Philadelphia we find key questions to help understand where God’s open door is. Questions like:

What doors are available to you right now?

Are you looking for open doors because you despise the ones God has already given?

Discuss the opportunities of service to God available to you right where you are.

In which parts of your life do you have ‘little strength’?

What part of your life has a little strength but if yielded to God could be useful to Him? Discuss.

Are there insurmountable challenges? Is there opposition from believers, and from your own heart? These may be signs that this is God’s open door.

Discuss challenges or opposition you have faced in the open doors God has led you through in the past.