GraceBuilt Kids 2018

Christmas Gift Donation Drive


 --- Why give?

We here at GraceBuilt are committed to finishing the work that the LORD has set before us.
This Christmas, consider donating a gift to help furnish the GraceBuilt Kids children's ministry.
Your donation will help kids in the our community hear the Gospel and flourish in their faith.
Please consider contributing to our efforts to reach children and youth of all ages with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 ---  How to Give:

In addition to giving money online through SimpleChurchGiving or in person via DipJar;
this year you can bless the kids directly by clicking the button below.
This button will take you to GraceBuilt's Christmas Registries;
there you can find several items still needed to finish off the GraceBuilt Kids facilities.

The GraceBuilt Registry on WayFair