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May 19, 2024

The Hidden Meaning of Ruth

The Times of the Gentiles, the Jews, and the Lord | in-Depth Bible Study with Me in Ruth

I want to talk with you today about the Hidden Meaning of Ruth. As we have studied this Old Testament a foreigner who marries a godly man and it works for the salvation of her family, have you noticed that there seems at times a greater story is being told, a story that cannot be contained by one nation, one generation, even for all people. The Old Testament of almost the beginning of all things when Noah and family obeyed God and walked into the ark. God closed the door behind them. Waters covered everything. And when they walked out of the ark, everything of the old world was washed away. In the New Testament, Peter teaches us that was not just history, but an illustration of baptism. God used one mans life as an object lesson to teach grand truth for those who followed. Moses saw his people dying because their sin. God told him to raise a staff in the shape of a cross, so that all who would look at that cross. Jesus, in the New Testament, said that more than being historic fact, was an illustration of Jesus on the cross. In the same way the book of Ruth has a meaning hidden to the people at that time, but for us the New Testament we see a greater truth revealed- the truth of the future history of the world. If the world spins around you today, and it seems out of control, discover the times Jesus has proclaimed. You’ll find courage to live today, and hope for tomorrow.