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March 3, 2024

Success, No Mess

Learn to Handle Success Without Losing Yourself | Gideon’s Fall Judges 8 Bible Study

I want to talk today not about success, or achieving your goals, but something much harder than success. Getting success is hard, handling it is harder still. Because success, too often, ruins you. Success is great, but if it costs you who you are, and what matters in life, than success ruined you. As Jesus said, “What good is it to gain the world, and lose your soul?”

Judges 8 teaches us the history of a great believer named Gideon. God used him to save Israel. For seven years Midianite marauders would invade town after town in Israel destroying everything they could. The people were starving and hiding in the caves, living in fear. But God raised up Gideon who to defeat the Midianites and set Israel free. But the problem we find in chapter 8 is that many people begin to look to Gideon as hero and a leader, and he is starting to really like it. God blessed Gideon with success, and like many of us, Gideon took the blessing and twisted it into a curse; He got what he wanted, but lost himself. 

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