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March 10, 2024


How to Prioritize Your Life | Jephthah, Judges 11-12:7 Bible Study

I want to talk today about the right proportions for our life; setting our priorities in a way that we can be proud of, that we know is right. My Grandma worked in a pie shop. It was amazing what she could do with such simple ingredients: butter, flour, sugar. The ingredients were not expensive, but the product? priceless. The key is the right proportions. What are the proportions for our life? How much should we work? How much time should we spend? Some of us are thinking higher education; how much money and time should you spend? Some of us are single, but in a relationship, how much of the prime of your life are you going to give to that knucklehead? Some of us have past times or hobbies, we’d love to spend all day doing them, but if not in the right proportion they can become selfish. We want to learn right priorities. Jephthah is a hero of the faith but a mess. He had good priorities, but in the wrong order. He loved God, his calling, his kids, his people, but the order was off. And, it made him a godly man, but a godly fool. Those he loved most paid the price. So, today we will look at his life in Judges 11 & 12, and learn what we can and ask the Lord to teach us the right proportions for our life.

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