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February 18, 2024

Lead Like A Girl

Discover Deborah, Prophetess and Judge of Israel: Judges 4-5 Bible Study

I’d like to teach you today about the greatest leader in the book of Judges. She teaches us how to lead like a girl; and men and women have to learn from her. In our world, today like in the Bible times, often leaders are those with great strength and influence. They are famous or well-connected. Deborah shows us godly leadership; not based on strength of the flesh or the things of this world. Her leadership is based in the spirit and the mind. Samson with might, Gideon with courage; Deborah with words. She let God speak through her every conversation. Deborah's leadership is highly feminine. Samson picked up a donkey’s jawbone and slew the enemy army. Deborah led the people in a song. Othniel gathered soldiers, Deborah met with each needy person one by one. Gideon led single-handedly, Deborah collaborated. Rather than going fast alone, she chose to go far together. Deborah was a hero, and fully herself. She did not feel compelled to lead like any one else. I pray each of us might learn a little more of this art of being truly unique through giving yourself over completely to the one who made you.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly Bible studies, live Q&A, and Biblical answers for today’s hottest issues with Pastor Josh Akin.