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February 21, 2024

Intro to Judges

Unveiling the Book of Judges | Judges 1-2 Bible Study

Judges tells the history of God’s faithfulness to his people even when His turn away. It is the account of the 340 years between Joshua bringing the nation into the Promised Land, and a king being set over the land. The word Judges describes the heroes God raised up to deliver Israel from her spiritual wandering. The term ‘judge’ is shaphat, and it refers not to a judge in a courtroom, but of a heroic leader. ‘Shaphat’ is derived from the term ‘to put things right.’ In that sense we will see God raise up 13 judges who put things right, even when no one around them will. Each of these judges have differing styles, gifts, and impacts on society. Some sway the nation for years, others have but a moment of courage that brings blessing to a community; and through all, and in all, God is glorified. May we each find God using each of us according to his perfect plans to change our world in the same way.

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