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April 28, 2024

God’s Message to Wanderers

YouTube & FaceBook Title:  God’s Message to those who Wander from God | Ruth 1 Bible Study

What happens when we wander from God? When we know what’s right, and what God wants, but we think “Not now.” What’s God’s next move? And, what will happen when we return to God? My children go to a small Christian school in Charlottesville. Some of the kids broke some of the rules, and could have gotten hurt by what they did. So, the school as part of their punishment made the teenagers appear in front of the school assembly and apologize. And, knowing some of these teenagers, I am sure more than one was thinking to himself, “I am going to be a lot smarter next time… to not be caught.” It was, I suppose, the proverbial dunce cap, the scarlet letter. Is that what God does when we come home to God? To all who wander today, or who are ready to come home, the book of Ruth is for you.