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February 25, 2024

Fuel Your Faith

Discover the 6 STEPS Gideon used to FUEL his FAITH | Judges 6-7 Bible Study


I’d like to talk with you today about growing your faith. I don’t speak to those with no faith, but to those who can say with that father: I believe, but Lord, help me with my unbelief. In Judges God will uses a man with near perfect faith. This man follow God’s instructions taking a handful of men against an army of a 100,000 soldiers. Where will God find such strength of faith? With a man who had, at first, almost none. God used six steps to build Gideon’s faith— six doors in one man’s life which were opened one-by-one to God. Let’s pray right now that each of us also open these doors of our life to God, that our faith might grow and transform our life and the life of all those around us.

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