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May 26, 2024

Break the Curse

What Is a Curse? And How to Let God Give You Victory | in-Depth Bible Study Ruth 4:18-20

Do you ever feel cursed? Bad relationship after worse relationship—you sell your house at the worst possible time— Chronically poor— and so is everyone around you? Do you feel like it is winter all year with no way out? Some of us think that way, but it is not true, not Biblically. The word blessing and curse are in the Bible, of course, but our world twists the meaning. When people say ‘I’m cursed’ it is completely different than what the Bible teaches. If you feel like you stand on cursed ground, the Bible will teach you to get up. Leave. It’s that simple. Nothing keeps you there. Jesus will set you free, just believe Him and live like it. The world declared Ruth cursed — a widow, and a foreigner from the wicked country of Moab. In fact, even the Bible says (Deuteronomy 23:3-5) for ten generations no descendant of that wicked country could enter the assembly of the Lord. The world might wrongly call that a curse. But what does the Bible say? The final passage of Ruth’s book concludes with a Ruth’s genealogy through ten generations; full of individuals caught up in prostitution, years of deceits, and many widows, exactly what the world would calls cursed. But what the world sees as cursed, when given to God, becomes blessing. Ruth’s account proves God works all things- even your family, broken past and situation— yes, all things together for good.