Sunday, August 6

Baby Dedication Sunday


"Suffer the children to come to ME" 

This is our day to celebrate God giving us so many children to share Jesus with.  Jesus taught us that following Him means we ought to let everyone hear about Jesus and to choose for themselves to follow Him.  So, it is our pleasure, to pray for the babies who are dedicated to the Lord at GraceBuilt. 


Do you have a child less than two, who you'd like to have the whole church pray for and bless?  If so contact our church office to coordinate.

What To Bring

Don't forget to bring your family & friends, and your cell phone. We want your loved ones to hear the gospel and share in this joyful moment. 


Baby Dedications will take place at the 9am service and the 11am service after announcements. 

We will need a little information from you.  Please stop by the children's check-in desk to sign up.

Parents names________

Baby's full name _________

Baby's age  _________


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