Sunday, April 9

Easter: Worship Together

Time: 9am – 11am

GraceBuilt Church: 2639 W. Main St., Waynesboro, VA US 22980


This Easter learn how Jesus is the solution to our every hurt, featuring GraceBuilt modern, heart-felt worship and an easy-to-apply verse-by-verse study with Pastor Josh.  This year our awesome kids ministry team will put on a puppet show along with Easter themed games and crafts. The children will have a craft and cookie bag to take home.  This is an extra fun day with more time to focusing the gospel message of Easter.


Young and old love Jesus at GraceBuilt and you should too!  So, whether you grew up in the church, or have never stepped foot in one, this Easter is for you and your friends.  

What To Bring

Bring your Bible and a notebook.  You will be surprised how much you learn from Jesus in His word when you have an expectant heart.


Our 9 am and 11 am services feature the same modern, heart-felt worship music and encouraging lesson taught directly from the Bible.  The teaching is also available online at, and YouTube.


Every Sunday we roll out the red carpet for the kids, so not only do they love church but you will too because they are learning about Jesus and His word. 

Children ages 0-4 are encouraged to use the GraceBuilt Nursery, which will be ready 15 minutes before each service.  Also, for your convenience, there is a comfy Mother's Room for moms with small children adjacent to the sanctuary.

Children Age 5-11 are checked in before each service starts. Normally they stay with their parents in the sanctuary till the music is finished when we send the kids to the GraceBuilt Kids department but this Sunday we would like you to check them in and leave them with the teachers.  We have a lot of fun planned and what to have plenty of time.   



Our founding Pastor, Josh Akin, will be leading the service.  Josh is passionate about helping the world Learn and Love the Bible.  To receive his free and helpful Bible studies mailed to your inbox sign up here

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